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General Contact

Cabot Wrenn

P.O. Box 1767
Hickory, NC 28603

Bradley Killian

Customer Service
p 828-326-8265
f 828-325-4604

Brittney Dellinger

Customer Service
p 828-326-8269
f 828-325-4631

Richard Iddings

Customer Service
p 828-326-8263
f 828-325-4632

Vicki Crouch

p 828-495-1937
f 828-495-1294


Chicago (Dana Simms)

222 Merchandise Mart Plaza
Space 367
Chicago, IL 60654
p 312-644-3726
f 312-321-9731

DC Showroom (Mike Spade)

1050 K Street
Suite 1150
Washington, DC 20001
(By Appointment Only)
p 410-804-1206